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Agent Locations

Below is a list of KlickEx Pacific agent locations. You can visit any of these agents to cash in.

KlickEx Pacific New Zealand Cash in Agents

Name Address
Recognised Seasonal Employer Agent 149 Harrisville Road,Tuakau,Waikato
Recognised Seasonal Employer Agent 48 Cartier Crescent, Flaxmere,Hastings
Recognised Seasonal Employer Agent Opotiki Internet Cafe,97 Church Street,Opotiki
Li'a Toso Otara Agent 8 Lovegrove Cresent
Otara (Toso Brothers Workshop)
Michaels Avenue Convenient Store Ellerslie 68 Michaels Avenue
Ellerslie, Auckland
Julie Strickland Ionatana 328 Peachgrove Road
Deelite Consultant Agency- Lusila Iuto (West Auckland) 404 Great South Rd
PRJ Finance - Tupou Ta'ufo'ou (South Auckland) 4/A 93 Baderv Dr
Mangere Town Center
09 2555282
Monica Wolfgram 23 Garus Rd
Mangere East
Kilisita Ale (Pukekohe) 31 Stuart Rd
Pukekohe 2120
Family Smart- Alwin Jose (Bay of Plenty) 19 Main Road
Katikati 3129
Colorado Dairy AJ Sharma (Tauranga) 1306 Cameron Road Greerton
Tauranga 3112
Kiwi Corral- Wes Archer-Backpackers (Te Puke) 26 Young Road Papamoa Beach
Paengaroa 3189
Accent Blinds and Screens - (Alesana Nanai) 478 Palmerston Rd
The Foodstore 912 Gordon Rd Raureka
Hastings 4120
Swansea Island Store 8A Swansea Road
Hastings 4120
Tokanga Growers&Trade Ltd 192 Wills Street
Ashburton 7700

Vodafone Samoa Agents

Vodafone Samoa Cash out agents can be found at https://www.vodafone.com.ws/m-tala/

Vodafone Fiji Agents

Vodafone Vanuatu Agents

Name Location Island
TVL House Agent TVL HouseEfate
Vodafone Ex Post Office Agent Ex Post OfficeEfate
Chuan Store TagabeEfate
Chuan Store TagabeEfate
Chuan Store Number 2Efate
Chuan Store Fresh Wota 1Efate
Chuan Store ManplesEfate
Chuan Store Down Town MarketEfate
Lake Consultant AnaburuEfate
Mali Shop Teouma VilleEfate
STM Store MeleEfate
Sarulap MeleEfate
Franden Beverly HillsEfate
Pati Store Epau VillageEfate
Forro Store Mele VillageEfate
Ava Angeli Omawa Malapoa White woodEfate
Emates Ltd Erakor Half RoadEfate
Tangop Trading Bladinier EstateEfate
Fuji Place Freshwota 1Efate
Vodafone Office LuganvilleSanto
Euro LuganvilleSanto
Z.D.D.L.S LuganvilleSanto
The Espiritu LuganvilleSanto
Mageda Danielle Simelum Banban, SantoSanto
Chuan Store Down Town Down TownSanto
Chuan Store Side RiverSanto
L.M.S Coop Port Olry, SantoSanto
Keb Timber Co west Cost, SantoSanto
Natawa Cooperative East SantoSanto
Sanma Bricks Production Side River, LugnavilleSanto
Sami Store Big BaySanto
Vodafone Office LakatoroMalekula
Marie Store Toman Island, MalekulaMalekula
Getless Store Tautu Village, MalekulaMalekula
Rentensel Store Lakatoro, MalekulaMalekula
NIA Store Carolyne Bay, South MalekulaMalekula
Nine Enterprise North East MalekulaMalekula
Lelete Store South West Bay, MalekulaMalekula
Manvoi Store MaskilinMalekula
Vodafone Office LenakelTanna
Bill Iapsen Store LenakelTanna
Bill Iapsen Store IsangelTanna
Bill Iapsen Store White SandsTanna
Dison Store White sandsTanna
Lake Consultants Laman BayEpi
Laman Bay Fuel Station Laman BayEpi
Panita Fuel Station TongoaTongoa
Lake Consultant NgunaNguna
Vision Store North AmbrymAmbrym
Endu Shopping Cente Endu, South East AmbryAmbrym
Betams Store Saratamata, East AmbaeAmbae
Mobil Store Melsisi, PentecostPentecost
Katol Store Mota LavaMota Lava
Vehge Goi Stor Qeremagde Village, Mota LavaMota Lava
Eliezer Botanical Garden Lodge Vanua LavaVanua Lava
Bay Orchand Petroleum Nereignuman Village, Mota LavaMota Lava
Sino Store Vanua Lava, BanksVanua Lava
Timtiam Kava Bar Tatuve, Vanua LavaVanua Lava
Mula Guest House Vetuboso Village, Vanua LavaVanua Lava
Melkie Land Transport Neregnuman Village, MotalavaMota Lava

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