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AML / CFT Policy

On the 1st of July 2013 new government regulations come into force for the financial services sector including International Money Remittance services like KlickEx Pacific. These new regulations require that all people wanting to send money to another country must have their identity verified with current photo identification and proof of address documents.

There are two great ways you can use KlickEx Pacific services – either by going to one of our authorised KlickEx Pacific Agents at these locations. Or you can access KlickEx Pacific simply and easily on the web at vodafone.klickexpacific.com.

  1. Identity Verification with KlickEx Pacific Agents
    If you are already registered with a KlickEx Pacific agent and our biometric reader (finger print scanner), and you have already provided the necessary proof of identity (listed in this document) you will not need to produce identification each time you send money using the biometric system. If however you are registered with the biometric reader but it is not available you will still need to produce the required minimum proof of ID (current photo ID and proof of address).

    1. Photo Identification that clearly proves your identity. This means something with your photo, name and date of birth issued by a government agency. If you have a Passport, that's all you will need. If you're using a Driver Licence or other form of ID, you'll need to produce two items from the table here.
    2. Proof of Address: This is required as supporting documentation to your photo ID. This can be a Utility bill (gas, power, phone, TV), Bank statement, Rates notice, Insurance certificate, or a letter from government agency. It must have your name and address on it and be less than 90 days old.
      Option A - Passport option (Online and agent transactions)
      (Current Passport + Proof of address)

      ID required Utility Bill/Proof of address
      OR + =

      Option B – No Passport Example
      (Current Drivers licence or 18+ card + Birth cert/Citizenship certificate/bank card + Proof of address)

      ID required Additional ID Utility Bill/Proof of address
      OR + + =

  2. Identity Verification on the Web at vodafone.klickexpacific.com
    If you are an online user of KlickEx Pacific at vodafone.klickexpacific.com then we will need to hold a record of your current passport and one proof of address document. You may have already provided this documentation and you can check your online profile at vodafone.klickexpacific.com/mystatus.aspx.

    If you haven’t already provided us with a copy of your current passport and proof of address either upload your documents now or send scanned colour copies to support@klickex.com.

Important notes for KlickEx Pacific Agents
As a KlickEx Pacific agent you are responsible for collecting this information by law.

  1. Passports/Licences

    You must look carefully at their documents and ensure that the person sending the money is the person who has provided ID.

    1. It must be an actual current passport or licence and not a copy (photo copy or scan)
    2. Ensure you look at ID picture and then the person to confirm identity
    3. Check the expiry date – it must be current
    4. Carefully look at the ID and confirm it is genuine and not a fake
    5. Ask questions if you are not sure about anything
    6. Take a copy of the ID and keep with their registration form

  2. Additional ID (Birth certificates/Citizenship certificates/Eftpos or debit/credit card)

    1. Carefully look at the document and assess it is genuine and not a fake
    2. It must be an original document and not a photo copy or scanned copy
    3. Any debit/credit card or Eftpos card must have the person’s name on it
    4. Double check the name matches that of the ID provided (must be identical)
    5. Ask questions if you are unsure of anything
    6. If in doubt do not accept
    7. Take a copy and keep with other documents

  3. Utility bills (Power, Gas, Water, TV, Phone, Rates, council invoice etc)

    1. Must be an original and not a photo copy
    2. Double check that the names are the same. On some occasions it may be a parent or other family members (husband/wife) bill so ensure the last names are identical
    3. Take a copy and keep with other documents

    NB: A utility bill is something that is computer generated and billed on a regular cycle from a reputable company or government organisation. A handwritten invoice for bin collection, lawn moving, house maintenance etc is not acceptable. A monthly invoice for magazine subscriptions or newspapers is also not acceptable.
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